Hot news: Google 'a million miles away from creating the search engine of my dreams,' says Larry contact

"Information is Google's main," contact assumed, noting with the aim of further than 100 billion Google searches are conducted every month — 15 percent of which are never-before-asked new to the job Laptop battery queries.

The search engine is working on being able to provide express answers to questions more readily than absolutely a catalog of results, assumed contact, adding together with the aim of Voice Search at present mechanism in the sphere of 38 languages.

But despite these advances, contact admitted with the aim of "in many ways, we're a million miles away from creating the search engine of my dreams, single with the aim of gets you absolutely the completely in a row by the side of the exact instant you need it with almost Laptop battery rebuff effort".

Google at present is single part of the company's effort to tackle this, by only if in a row in the sphere of a timely approach. Understanding context is one more element, with contact noting with the aim of advances at this point are "crucial if we are to perk up human-computer interaction".

Contact assumed: "Improved context choice in addition help put together search further natural, and not a string of keywords you artificially type into a PC. We're getting closer: Ask how tall the Eiffel Tower is, and in that case as soon as 'it' was built. By understanding what did you say? 'it' income in the sphere of diverse contexts, we can put together search everyday."

Contact in addition highlighted the Laptop battery growth of machine — single billion machine policy take part in at present been activated — and assumed with the aim of, on be more or less, machine developers earned four time further from user payments in the sphere of 2013 than they did the time earlier. "We're at present taking machine to wearables, like watches, and to cars, someplace we can put together it super uncomplicated to obtain commands, put together a call or else dramatic piece melody," he added.

Contact in addition stressed with the aim of simplicity remains an essential virtue used for Google: "People still chatter going on for the simplicity of the Google homepage, and with the aim of was a vast part of our previous winner. There's rebuff argue the same ethics can't apply across our products, especially at present, with so many policy and options, and so much opportunity used for hobby."

Google's first in command found space to take place judgmental of the level of innovation in the sphere of the industry: "It's in addition firm with the aim of in excess of stage many companies obtain comfortable liability what did you say? They take part in continuously finished, with a not many incremental changes. This kind of incrementalism leads to worthlessness in excess of stage, especially in the sphere of skill, for the reason that swap tends to take place revolutionary, not evolutionary."

To prevent such a Laptop battery future, contact assumed, Google is investing in the sphere of "our subsequently generation of full-size bets". These include healthcare company Calico and smart communication lens company Iris, plus thermostat maker Nest, and self-driving cars.

"These seem like pretty crazy ideas nowadays, but if the elapsed is slightly indicator of our opportunity winner, today's full-size bets won't seem so wild in the sphere of a not many years' stage," he assumed.

But it's in addition worth noting with the aim of Laptop battery, despite all these skill full-size bets, around 90 percent of Google's revenue still comes from advertising.

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