Samsung: Nix KitKat bring up to date in place of international Galaxy S3 and S3 Mini

If you own the large-scale 3G version of the Samsung Galaxy S3, the bad news is so as to KitKat, the most up-to-date machine 4.4 bring up to date long for not be located appearance your way.

According to a statement posted on the SamMobile blogsite, the company says the S3 and S3 Mini no more than hold 1GB of RAM, which "does not allow them to effectively support the platform upgrade".

However, Samsung has whispered the KitKat bring up to date long for be located made accessible in place of the Galaxy S3 LTE, which sports 2GB of RAM.

Interestingly, KitKat does run on phones with no more than 512MB of RAM, and KitKat is current on newer phones such in the role of the Galaxy Ace form which has 512MB RAM.