Apple diplomacy reversible USB cable meant for iPhone 6, leaker says

Apple is tiresome to progress to the cable with the aim of relations its cellular phone policy to either a PC or else power outlet a trifling easier to function, according to a original alleged leak.

Sonny Dickson -- who made a nickname meant for himself survive time by leaking accurate details on the iPhone 5S previous to its arrival -- tweeted completed the weekend an image of come again? He claims is a design change for the better to the Lightning cable with the aim of strength of character tie to the long-rumored iPhone 6. While the already-reversible eight-pin tie up won't coins, according to Dickson, the other put a stop to, someplace users plug the cable into a USB docks, strength of character at this point be present reversible the same as well.

The same as a few user of a USB cable knows, its configuration requires you to plug it into a PC or else a few other device featuring in single way and single way lone. Apple's alleged change for the better strength of character play a part a USB put a stop to with contacts on both sides of the supplement, which would allow intimates to plug featuring in a cable exclusive of glance which direction is up.

As soon as Apple announced its Lightning connector featuring in 2012, the company touted not lone its improved charging abilities, but in addition its reversibility. Apple assumed by the side of the point in time with the aim of reversibility would progress to everyone's life really a trifling easier, since users wouldn't need to rubbish point in time determining which way the eight-pin tie up desired to be present placed into an iPhone or else iPad. The prior Apple 30-pin connector was not reversible.

It's not make from Dickson's notice on his Twitter feed someplace he learned of Apple's forthcoming modification. It's in addition worth noting with the aim of while his track chronicle is clear, he has gotten it in the wrong featuring in the forgotten. It's likely, therefore, with the aim of Apple won't launch a reversible USB cable this point in time around.

If Apple does, however, decide to launch a reversible USB cable, it wouldn't be present the earliest to execute so. Near are several third-party providers with the aim of offer reversible USB cables. A original USB standard, established the same as Type-C, is in addition advent along with the aim of strength of character be present reversible.

CNET has contacted Apple meant for comment on the recount. We strength of character keep informed this story as soon as we cover other in sequence.

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