Lenovo targets lesser businesses with three extra budget-priced desktop PCs

Lenovo now took the wraps inedible three diminutive desktop PCs aimed by the side of lesser businesses with tricky budgets. Details are cracked so far, but two elements look promising: Formerly, all three systems give management skin texture with the aim of lesser venture strength of character be conscious of (and with the aim of aren’t typically found now consumer tackle by the side of several price). Back up, the fee tags on every are exceedingly reasonable.

According to Lenovo’s press discharge, all three systems strength of character include Smart USB Protection with the aim of provides  IT managers the capability to control the computers’ USB ports. Presumably, the IT region strength of character survive able to lock down the ports so with the aim of users can’t conveying data to an unsecure luggage compartment device. All three of the tackle strength of character additionally survive outfitted with hybrid difficult drives with the aim of join round about of the swiftness of an SSD with the luggage compartment aptitude of a standard plate drive.

Lenovo ThickCentre E63z all-in-one PC
Lenovo's ThinkCentre E63z is a 19.5-inch all-in-one with the aim of strength of character plug in support of a minute ago $479.

The ThinkCentre E63z is an all-in-one PC priced by the side of a minute ago $479. Lenovo’s press discharge reveals slight now the way of details in relation to the E63z, other than to indicate with the aim of it has a 19.5-inch put on show with HD+ outcome. With the aim of likely funds it’s something excluding than 1920x1080, while the phrase “also to be had with touch” leads me to speculate with the aim of it’s not a touchscreen, by the side of smallest amount now its baseline configuration.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M53 desktop pc
The Lenovo ThinkCentre M53 strength of character survive lesser sufficient to survive mounted behind a television.

Lenovo didn’t provide remembrance or else hard-drive specs, either. Lenovo indicates models with Intel fundamental i3 processors strength of character liner presently this time, so we’re gone to feign with the aim of the $479 archetype that’s to be had at the moment strength of character give a less significant computer.

Lenovo is expanding its “Tiny” dynasty with the ThinkCentre M53, a less-expensive cousin to the ThinkCentre M93p we reviewed now December 2013. The extra archetype strength of character introduce an elective upright with the aim of can power-up the processor lacking needing to stroke the processor itself. With the aim of may well survive very effective now scenarios someplace you absence to secure the computer’s I/O ports to prevent tampering or else theft.

Lenovo strength of character additionally bundle a released cloud-based management tool with this approach. Lenovo says the ThinkCentre M53 strength of character survive priced by the side of $439, but it didn’t divulge which CPU, how much remembrance, or else how much luggage compartment it strength of character provide.

Before I finish, the ThinkCentre M79 strength of character survive powered by single of AMD’s A-series APUs (here again, Lenovo leaves us to conjecture exactly which one). It strength of character give the same Smart USB Protection the same as the other models, but it strength of character additionally introduce TPM (Trusted Platform Module) 1.2 in support of data protection, and DASH (Desktop and cellular phone Architecture in support of approach Hardware) 1.1 in support of remote management (DASH is akin to Intel’s vPro technology).

Lenovo ThinkCentre M79 desktop pc
The ThinkCentre M79 strength of character survive to be had with either a tower or else a lesser form feature enclosed space.

Prices in support of this approach, which is to be had at the moment, start by the side of $449 according to Lenovo’s press discharge. It strength of character survive to be had now both tower and lesser form feature configurations.
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