Bill Gates and other industry figures called on the United States to increase investment in energy

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June 11 Bill Gates, international reports (Bill Gates) and other executives said the current U.S. energy strategy will hurt the economy, environment and national security, and called on the Government to invest more in alternative energy resources like DELL XPS M1730 Battery and Dell XPS M1330 battery.

The organization named "Committee on Energy Innovation" (AEIC), Thursday released a report detailed disclosure of the issue and make recommendations. The group members will at the White House meeting with President Obama, on issues related to concerns and to discuss remedial measures.

Energy challenges of the organization that is very serious, far more than most people's knowledge of, and predict if the U.S. does not change the current DELL XPS M1730 Battery energy policy, energy will become a heavy burden on the country.

After investigation, the organization pointed out that countries in a year on military expenditure of 80 billion U.S. dollars of health and medical R & D expenditure of 30 billion U.S. dollars, but annual expenditure on research and development of new energy is only about 50 million. The organization that the U.S. government invested in new Laptop battery energy R & D funding too little, which has lagged behind other countries.

To remedy the current situation, AEIC the following five recommendations:

* Annual investment in clean energy at least 16 billion U.S. dollars. The organization said that the current U.S. fuel every 16 days in a foreign country's overseas spending as much as 16 billion U.S. dollars.

* Advanced Research Planning Agency each year (ARPA-E) into one billion U.S. dollars, Defense Advanced Research Planning Agency is publishing the Internet and the current concern in high-risk, high return technology, key institutions. The energy sector will take up the commercialization of alternative energy projects and boost the role of the Dell XPS M1330 battery research.

* The establishment of centers of excellence in specific areas, by experienced experts, and provide abundant resources to support. AEIC organization that universities and laboratories can assume this responsibility, to provide test equipment, help research.

* Establish an independent board of directors of national energy strategy, responsible for developing the Congress to oversee a new national energy plan.

* The establishment of a new energy challenges and to invest the project to build a large-scale trial. The project report to the Energy Strategy Board, responsible for the commercialization of energy technologies to change the Laptop battery.

AEIC members except Bill Gates, but also includes General Electric CEO Holt (Jeffrey Immelt), Xerox CEO Ursula Burns (Ursula Burns), the United States Norman, former chairman of Lockheed Martin Corporation Augustine (Norman Augustine), Bank of America Chairman Chad Holliday (Chad Holliday) and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers of the john dore (John Doerr) and other business figures.

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