Apple iPad shock tenderness Japanese economy


With "Cyclone" to describe the iPad popularity in Japan means no way exaggerated. Apple store in Tokyo, the thousands of Japanese people waiting in line for hours just to buy an iPad. But it is difficult from these iPad "fans" that see the prime minister re-substitution on them.

The Japanese have been accustomed to the right of political change. Counting from the year 2000, the Japanese public has experienced a number of regime change the Dell xps m1530 battery, or even need the help of search tools to recall the successive prime ministers. I can not help asking, frequent changes of prime minister, who has a good policy to implement. Not to mention the frequent change Prime Minister, head of a company will change frequently questionable whether the company's development strategy consistent.

In fact, "iPad hot" is already relentlessly touched raw nerves on the Japanese economy. Just leave Yukio Hatoyama, while still big in Japan, local media reported "iPad shock." Well, that was to produce cutting-edge technologies to make American products are formidable Japan gone?

Hatoyama to step down for the media to explain his deep scandal and controversy plagued the U.S. military bases. But in addition, it is the same can not be ignored, his lack of industrial competitiveness of Japan's "love." For a long time but not grow in the industrial competitiveness of Japan gradually lost public confidence, this might also explain why iPad arrival, so that local people can take much more excitement than enthusiastic about the new prime minister.

U.S. consulting firm released a hundred most valuable brands list is another proof. In Asia, only Japanese carmaker Toyota appears in the top ten. But the Japanese government did not protect the brand economy. Deep, "recalled door" Toyota can not get support from the government, and naturally can not give investors confidence, the same can not once again lead the entire automotive industry as a whole the rise of the Japanese economy.

As the financial crisis spread, with the Japanese high-tech value-added products on the market in Europe and the United States start with "difficulty in marketing", the Japanese stock of major companies increased significantly. On the other hand, the core competitiveness of Japanese companies is the result of accumulated Japanese companies, however, over the years, the Japanese government and the funds are diminishing.

Of course, there is a more important reason, that is, commodity prices rose too fast, the yen carry trade began to decline in wild appreciation of the yen; while the price of some Japanese exporters can not keep up these costs are passed on the process pace of change the Dell xps m1330 battery, ultimately leading to the profits of these enterprises appear narrowed.

In the face of many problems, the Japanese government has taken strong measures? I am afraid we only see the Japanese government's financial ability of the financial crisis after a lot of weakness. Japanese interest rates near zero, the size of debt are almost twice the economic scale. I am afraid the stock market has been volatile and further disintegration, caused more investors to sell dollar assets, buy more Japanese yen, to compensate for the loss of domestic institutions or the lack of yen debt. Thus, the competitiveness of Japanese industry in turn affected by the new wave of shock.

Hatoyama Government is to blame. Continue to focus on the Japanese government stimulus package and urged the Bank of Japan to inject more yen on economic like Dell xps m1730 battery, rather than focus on revising its own policy model. Toyota decline, iPad Steal the Show, the occasion, the Japanese really need is to encourage job creation and a new policy to prevent deflation.

Those who have to cutting-edge technology Duorenyanqiu Japanese manufacturers, probably in a recession ago with confidence that the recession is "impossible." But to know that Wall Street banking analysts in describing the possibility of the U.S. housing market collapse when the word often used. Recently it was reported that the Japanese government has identified to improve the industrial competitiveness of the "industrial blueprint." I sincerely hope that this will not be another empty promise.

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