Twitter number of unique visitors per month up to 190 million

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Today, Twitter COO Costello (Dick Costolo) in New York said that the current monthly unique visitors to 1.9 million sent daily micro-Bo amounting 65 million. At the same time, Pingdom analyst firm's data also showed that, Twitter microblogging quickly send a few each month to reach two billion.

Prohibit third-party ad networks

Recently, due to Twitter third-party advertisers advertising ban be blamed, Costello reiterated its position: "We will not allow third parties to insert advertisements in the flow ... ... First of all, Twtter create a good experience for users, third-party network This experience is not necessary to protect ... ... Second, if you want to create a conducive with users, long-lasting online advertising system, which should be innovative, rather than pursuing short-term profits like Hp pavilion dv2 battery and Hp Mini 110 battery. ... ... third party ad network will pursue short-term profit maximization, but at the expense of innovation to create the best user experience for the price. "

In Costello's speech also touched on Twitter their advertising services, business, marketing personnel, advertising is extremely important, Twitter for business customers will soon be an analytical tool, the user can be used to lock the topic information, rather than locking individual user.

Send 2 billion monthly micro-Bo

Twitter will celebrate another milestone: a month to send two billion micro-Bo!

From December 2009 it has doubled the data, when it had just crossed the 1 billion mark. According to analyst firm Pingdom says growth is expected to 2 billion based just around the corner, this ad system for Twitter is good news for the wireless.

Pingdom had expected the end of this year, Twitter each month to send the number of micro-Bo will reach 6.0 billion, but the company reduced the data. Pingdom In particular, Twitter sent daily micro-Borda 64 million, 2.7 million per hour, per minute, 4.4481 million, and 741 per second.

Pingdom blog on the company wrote: "We expect it will by the end of 6 billion per month, but Twitter may not compliance, it is clear that the Twitter platform remains a healthy growth rate. In the past six months, months to send volume doubled the hp ProBook 4710s battery and Hp Pavilion dm3 battery, this is not a small achievement. "

Twitter co-founders have confirmed the reliability of the data.

It is worth pondering: in February of this year, Twitter has indicated that the number of daily treatments of Bo up to 50 million. Twitter founder of Bizi Si Tong (Biz Stone) has been disclosed in April, monthly unique users reached 180 million.

Comparative data released today, is not difficult to find Twitter's growth can only say that "stability" is far from "high-speed."

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