Android said Google will push the keyboard version of Mobile

Mobile news:

January 11 News, Android platform-founder Andy Rubin said to the media a few days ago, the second Nexus One mobile phone is still manufactured by HTC, for enterprise users, which may be equipped with a physical keyboard.

It is reported that the device's main rival is the BlackBerry, BlackBerry mobile phone market in the U.S. companies have a certain position.

Andy Rubin, founder of Android platform, has recently accepted the "Wall Street Journal" interview, in the interview, when asked earlier regarding Google releases new mobile phone, he disclosed that the above information.

RIM's BlackBerry e-mail sending and receiving areas, with its prominent characteristics have attracted a lot of business users. Google's Nexus One all aspects of performance are very competitive, if you choose other areas as a propaganda point will inevitably be based on Android phones compete with other brands, that for the promotion of Android is extremely unfavorable. However, if the user is targeting the enterprise and it can be locked directly to the BlackBerry as the main competitive objectives, more conducive to the promotion of this product and competition.

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