AOL Employees voluntary separation is too small it will lay off 1,200 people this week

According to foreign media reports, the absence of sufficient staff to accept voluntary retirement buyout agreement, AOL will cut 1,200 employees this week.

AOL spokesman Cui Sija • Primrose (Tricia Primrose) said today that only 1,100 workers leave voluntarily, which means that AOL also need to cut 1,200 employees and 2,300 job cuts in order to complete the goal.

Before AOL has laid off thousands of employees, and in December last year, spun off from Time Warner in.

Primrose said AOL laid off on Monday at local time, some U.S. employees, most of the layoffs will occur on Wednesday. She also said, AOL began Monday in the European job cuts, and plans to close offices in Spain and Sweden. AOL's Adtech AG will continue to conduct business in Sweden. AOL has not yet revealed which sectors in the United States cuts information.

Primrose pointed out that "we have different products on the market to make the tough decisions, we believe that this decision will lay the foundation for the future success of AOL."

The number of employees laid off will make AOL less than a quarter in 2004, when AOL employees are more than 20,000 people. In this voluntary layoffs and staff prior to leaving, AOL employs about 6,900 people.

AOL announced last November that the company will lay off one third of the restructuring cost of 200 million U.S. dollars
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