Google blog said that Google.cn will be closed

Google news:

According to foreign media reports, Google has said it is assessing its own commercial operations in China, the feasibility of, and may be completely out of the Chinese market. Google said they have suffered believed to be from the Chinese mainland a major cyber attacks.

Google General Counsel David Multi-Ahmed (David Drummond) Tuesday expressed in the blog article- the above-mentioned ideas. Bo Wen said in mid-December last year, they detected one from China, against the company's high-tech infrastructure, targeted attacks, the attack led to their intellectual property theft. These attacks and the attacks exposed the surveillance behavior, and the network over the past year trying to further restrict freedom of expression, action to promote business in China Google decided to assess the feasibility of operations.

Multi-Ahmed also said Google has decided not willing to continue on the Google site search results in China to review the next few weeks, Google will work with the Chinese Government on how to operate within the legal framework is not a filtered search engine sites to discuss the results; This could mean that Google will have to shut down China site, and may be revoked in China offices.

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