Laptop Battery Maintenance

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Misunderstanding : notebook lithium Sony VGP-BPS9 battery maintenance should follow the basic principles of exhaustion filled.

This is perhaps the most we see the maintenance of the principle, Oh, this is in fact the most fundamental of the erroneous views, the simple analysis of the production is estimated that this principle is the original nickel-metal hydride thinkpad t20 Battery and maintenance methods to copy the copy, so that if the principle of in order to minimize battery memory effect, for those early notebook batteries (Ni-MH or Ni-Cd) has a good protective effect, but the current mainstream notebook is equipped with lithium batteries will have the possibility of injury. Li-ion battery is no memory effect, which is the major vendors will be publicized when the instructions for the user, in fact not the case, lithium ThinkPad T20 battery material is an active substance, the material for the temperature, the use of frequency, and so conditions are very sensitive, when the battery life after a period of time, there would be an aging phenomenon, the performance of the most intuitive to use less time, why is it so what? The natural wear and tear is one of the important reasons, but be careful not realize their own care are also an important reason for this phenomenon, over-charging and over-discharge the battery will be the rapid reduction activity, although the user to maintain in the process of discharging and charging is far from over not over the standard (because of the internal lithium battery protection circuit, the full protection of excessive charge and discharge), but there are no user thought of himself surrounded by such a phenomenon, sometimes WINDOWS next show there are 20% of ThinkPad T60 battery capacity, you can use 30 minutes, but suddenly what the machine automatically shut down, and confused at the same time ask masters, masters will tell you this is because the battery has been aging, the battery protection circuit monitors the battery can no longer be a good real capacity, why is this so? I have to tell you with the truth, everyone would have guessed that such a protection circuit in the end how much credibility? Just mentioned phenomenon is the excessive discharge of the performance of one of the most intuitive, what I say here can completely break a conceptual error: the normal cells in everyday wear and tear, the protection circuit will be increasingly inaccurate at this time if you also insisted on fully charge and discharge the maintenance of principle, then I believe this piece of battery life has been around the corner, then there is no such visual performance when there is no damage to the Dell Vostro 1710 Battery do? The author in this noncommittal, but I hope you took into account the reasons mentioned above, whether the automatic power-down is only natural wear and tear factor inside.

Therefore, in this writer to provide a proper maintenance of the principle of one:

Deliberately do not require the use of the process of charge to 100%, used in automatic shutdown to maintain such a way, but the best to use about 20% began to charge, charge 98% or so can stop charging (eager to use the case, the author not opposed to fully charged), will not have the Dell Vostro 1720 Battery damage, if the machine has the power calibration procedure, then can choose to 1-2 months, once corrected, so that protection circuit to fully play a role.

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